CSG TNConstruction Management: Construction Services Group starts the process with a strict specification review, formal request for information and a per building plan take off of materials.  Careful planning with all the participating trades insures from inception to completion that the client’s requirements are met in order to produce a functional and financially viable product that will be completed on time with in the authorized cost and to the required quality standards.

Inventory Management: During the construction phase CSG administers all material ordering through and inventory control process.  First, weekly inventories are conducted with all the participating trades to coordinate material ordering and shipments.  Second, we work in conjunction with the general contractor managing and an interactive depletion log which shows what material has shipped per truck also to include a detailed summary of total quantity shipped per item.  At any time during the job a detailed scorecard can be produced to show total quantity shipped per item versus the contracted amount of material.  The overwhelming benefit for the client is through the elimination of last minute orders, trades running out of material and material being used incorrectly.

Risk Management: CSG’s strategies to mitigate or manage risk include construction management and inventory management.  These risk management principles help us avoid risk by making certain that the correct materials are on the job site at the correct time.  Detailed take-offs and managed material result in less overall costs and more importantly less overall usage which equal less waste and the possible lowest landed cost.  CSG also offers an array of contract options ranging from straight purchase orders, guaranteed not to exceed contacts and guaranteed maximum contracts with the general contractor keeping 100% of the savings of the un-used material.